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Yurt – is a unique housing, which perfectly fits to constant nomad’s moves and different weather. From the earliest time, the ability to assemble the yurt has been considered as sacral skill, which has been handed down from generation to generation. The deep philosophy of harmony between human and nature lays in yurt’s construction and installation.

Spherical shape of yurt, without corners, makes ventilation and heating process so easy. This type of construction is very stable against winds and even earthquakes. Felt creates perfectly microclimate for comfort living in worm as well as in cold weather.


Uni Yurt – is a construction set, it is very interesting to assemble it for kid and adults, as well. Uni Yurt is symbol of family unity, value of traditional and culture of nomads, which is getting erased within epoch of urbanization.

Also Uni Yurt – is a perfect gift for all your loved and closed people, it’s a memorable souvenir, which can remind you about worm welcome of Euro Asian people.

Uni Yurt can be assembled by any person and it doesn’t take a lot of time and force. And it is more than even interesting to assemble the construction set by whole family. The process of assembling let you fall into nomad’s world and perceive their technology.


Skeleton of walls (Kerege) is made up of wooden grating, tied together.  Each grating consists of flat rods, which are laid on each other and tied with each other as well.

Sections of gratings fixed with ropes and straps. Roof is made of poles (uuks). The top end of each pole goes directly to the ring – center of roof (it called tunduk) and other end of pole is clipped to grating. The pressure of roof apportioned along the wall. All this construction is covered with felt (which is called kiyiz).